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Tiger Bay Brawlers welcome sponsors at all scales, from advertising in our home game programmes to sponsoring our travel teams to compete nationally and internationally. Some reasons to sponsor Tiger Bay Brawlers include:

Showing your support for powerful women and gender non-conforming people in sports
Promoting fitness to a new audience
Standing up for diversity
Aligning yourself with the best in Wales
Expanding your reach to a growing audience

We use the term ‘marginalised genders’ for reasons outlined here:

Two thirds of roller derby fans know the businesses that support their local team and nearly 90% hold a favourable opinion of these businesses*. Over 60% of fans have spent money with businesses that sponsor their local team.

*Source: WFTDA

What it means to us
What it means for you

We also welcome donations of products or sharing of knowledge and resources that may be useful to us.

Want to know more? Please contact us for more information on how we can build an awesome partnership together:

Tiger Bay Brawlers fan in a full tiger costume

We support Tiger Bay Brawlers through event tickets and merchandise which can be found on our webstore:

We also welcome support through our league Paypal:

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