We are Tiger Bay Brawlers – Cardiff and Wales’ premier roller derby team! Founded in 2010, we quickly established a reputation as one of the top roller derby teams in the UK, a position that we have maintained ever since. Our drive and commitment have pushed us to an international level. We are proud to be one of the first UK teams to have competed internationally, taking part in tournaments in both Europe and the USA. We are the embodiment of our values – athletic, focused, united.

Tiger Bay Brawlers team photo after playing in Five Nations Roller Derby tournament

What is roller derby?

Roller derby is a high speed, full contact sport played on quad roller skates and dominated by minority genders. The action takes place between two teams on an oval-shaped track.

Each team consists of five players – four defensive players known as blockers and one points scorer, known as a jammer. Jammers score points by lapping the opposing blockers. The team with the most points at the end of the two 30 minute periods wins!

Good roller derby requires athleticism, agility and teamwork. Skillful and action-packed, roller derby is an exciting sport for participants and spectators alike.

Tiger Bay Team photo after a scrim game at training

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